Hop-On, Ride-On, Move-On
Self-Drive Car Rental Service

Launching Soon

Revolutionizing the Future of Personal Car Ownership in India

Our Car is more than your personal car, as you can 'pick/drop' in any of our stations which are spread like a spider web in your city, with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model.
(Free-Floating Car Rental Service)

Our Vision is to create a first-of-its-kind, Mobility-as-a-Service brand in India.

Why use FlexiGO?

It's the best way to drive. With car-sharing, you don't have to buy or lease a car. Our cars are available around every street corner. Whether you need to rent a car for 2 minutes or 2 weeks, you can get going with just one app. What else?

You don't pay for parking, fuel or insurance

Our rates are all-inclusive and are as flexible as pay-per-minute. No monthly fees, no commitments. Before each drive, simply choose the rate you want in the app and pay only for what you use.

You can drive whenever you feel like

We don't do car rental stations. That means: No closing hours, ever. Our cars are available 24/7 so you don't have to plan ahead of time. If you see an available
FlexiGO car,
you can always simply
‘hop-on, ride-on, move-on’. 
For all your long-term trips, you can pre-book a car for FREE and we'll deliver it to you!

You can find and park our cars in any station within the city

Free-floating car-sharing means our cars are everywhere! Pick a car near you and start your trip with just the app. When you're done, simply park the car back onto a different station. Easy as that.

Advantages of Using our Services:

  1. Improves access for all Income groups and provides a flexible & comfortable alternative from many hassles of owning a personal car.

  2. Reduction in no. of parked vehicles and thus results to effective space utilization of city in the long run.

  3. It also reduces traffic and environmental pollution.


Contact contact@flexigo.co.in to get more information about the Company.